• maintenance and care of your garden (mowing of grass, pruning of hedges and shrubs , clearance of dead leaves, control of vermin and plantdiseases, control and maintenance of irrigation)
  • maintenance and care of swimmingpool (frequent cleaning, water qualitycheck, cleaning of filters)
  • small maintenance (painting, cleaning of gutters, small rebuild, small maintenance plumbing and electricity)
  • emptying of letterbox and sending on of important letters
  • to give the appearance that your house is regularly lived in so it will not be attractive for burglary
  • contacts with suppliers of electricity, telephone, water and passing on of metercounts
  • contacts with local council for information or requests
  • supervising construction activities of local craftsman

Maintenance and Management

Ventoux Home Care can be of service for a number of maintenance and control tasks.

On the left we present you with a list of tasks that we can offer you.

If there are other or more specific jobs you would like us to do then don't hesitate to contact us. Together we'll work for your comfort!